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Why is my Windows Server slow!?

Top 5 Reasons Your Windows Server Might Be Slow!

  1. An application or program is consuming all of your power!

Quick check: Open up Task Manager and look for anything using more CPU, etc than it should.

A service is running that is draining resources

Quick check: These can also be found in Task Manager and can be modified, started, and stopped in the Services app.

  1. A hard disk is failing or has already failed.

Quick check: Most servers will indicate this with a yellow light on the hard drive bay. There are many different hard drive/RAID monitoring programs out there. Depending on your set up is where you would find how to see it.

  1. Malware Infection

Quick check: Run a malware scan!

  1. A necessary update has not been applied

Quick Check: Easy enough just check to see if there are any updates available and apply them as necessary.

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